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Hi and welcome to my site.
(please note that I am redesigning this site...watch this space!)

I love designing and making colourful, creative and unique websites.
I realised from a young age that I wanted a career that involved utilising my creative flair. After school I started my career in architecture but soon I was finding my creative aspirations was not being fulfilled. I seized an opportunity to change my career path and I entered the world of web design, where I discovered it was possible to combine creativity with markup languages - a concept that allowed me to express my artistic flair alongside the stimulating and  challenging aspects of writing code.
Throughout my architecture career, my design philosophy was about detail and simplicity. I like clean and crisp designs. It is my intention to carry this attitude in my web design career.

My aim is to learn as much as I can about web design and development and keep in touch with the latest changes and trends in the industry; I'm always online learning new skills, trying out new techniques to improve my abilities as a web designer and keeping myself up to date with the latest trends. I would love to leann "everything there is to know" about web design, but let's be brutally honest, that is a heavy burden and frankly, too much for one person to know!
We live in a world where design changes constantly and fresh ideas are always in demand. Professionals in every field of design have to be aware of these changes and possess the flexibility and imagination, to stay ahead of the trends. The web conitnues to grow and become part of everyone's lives, everyone has a website, but not everyone has the impact they want.
My website design philosophy is keep it simple, make the important things standout using subtlety and fine detailing.

I run my own freelance web design business under the name of Minternet Web Design, where I carry out my ethos above.


I am a young designer and I am looking to build up my portfolio with professional work and I am always looking for opportunities practice the skills I have acquired...so whether you are a small business, an organisation or an individual and would like a website, please do not hesitate to contact me, wherever you are! Thing is, although Iím in Scotland, you donít have to be!
I hope to have the opportunity to showcase your site! I will normally ask that I can link the website here in my portfolio, but it is cool if you would rather it was not featured here.

Orwell Dramatic Soceity Website image image of Guest House site link to Indigo boutique website

My first ever website! Done for a course assessment. *Please note - this is based on an actual amateur drama group, but the website was never realised and so content is mostly fictional.

A fictitious website I designed for a bed and breakfast Guest House

This boutique has since unfortunately closed it's business. Click to see the layout done on Photoshop!

link to Gordon Harrison Architect website link to Kingston Hospital Radio website link to Clemas Music website

The client is a self-employed architect and practices from his office in Dumbarton, outside Glasgow.

Website for a Hospital Radio station and charity in London.

Website I created for Jazz musician couple in Devon. This is my latest published project and went 'live' in January 2014.

I intend to add more sites in the future, both fictitious and real 'live' sites...so please be sure to visit again soon!


CompTIA A+ qualified IT Technician.
I am versed in HTML 4.01 and CSS2 and I am now learning HTML5 and CSS3.
I am also building my knowledge of JavaScript/jQuery.
Self learning PHP and working & designing with WordPress.
I have completed a Udemy course in Responsive Web Design and I am constantly learning more techniques in order for my website designs to suit all devices as a standard service to my clients.
Proficient in Microsoft Word 2003/07, Excel and PowerPoint and AutoCAD.
Adobe Certified Associate in Adobe Flash CS5
Developing working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks.
Experience of troubleshooting, diagnostics and preventative maintenance.
Excellent communication.
Experienced IT operative.
Very well organised, highly analytical with a mature and professional approach.
Can work extremely well under pressure.
Full UK driving licence.


A+ Certified Logo

National IT Learning Centre February 2010 to May 2013
A self-funded, distant learning course, where I achieved;

  • CompTIA A+ IT Technician April 2010
  • CIT Static Web Design September 2010
  • Adobe Flash CS5 - Adobe Certified Associate April 2012
  • CIT Relational Database Design May 2013

University of Dundee Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art
October 1996 to June 2004

  • BSc Architecture June 2001


All feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at if you wish to find out more about my web design services or to discuss hiring me for your website project. All feedback is welcomed.

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