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frequently asked questions

I am asked a lot of questions by clients and so I have compiled the most common questions here so you do not need to wait on me replying. Not that I mind answering your questions though, this is just to make the typical questions readily available for you. If you have a question that is not answered here or would like more details on one of the answers below then please give me a call or drop me an email. I am always happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

This is typically the very first question I am asked, often before I even know who you are! The truth is I can't say how much a website will cost without finding out more about what you want and need. Every website has its own set of goals and audiences; there really isn't a standard one fit for all. At Minternet Web Design each and every website is unique and custom built and because it is not an 'off the shelf' item it is not priced as one. This means that you will only pay for what you want and need without having to pay for any unwanted (and often unnecessary) extras.

The actual cost is dependant on several factors: the number of pages, functionality and if any graphic design is involved (and if it is the complexity of it). Do you have your own images/photography? Will the website be taking online payments or have a shopping cart facility? There are a lot of variables to consider. The costs can vary from a few hundred pounds for a small information website (what we call a 'brochure site') to several thousand for a large, interactive website.

To this end I prefer to start with a conversation with my potential clients to discuss and establish the needs and requirements for the website. The more information you can supply during this conversation then the better idea I will have as to the amount of work that will be involved in creating your bespoke website and can then give you a more accurate cost for your website.

If you have a specific budget, then let me know at the start and once I understand more about your requirements I will see if it is achievable for me to work to that.

It depends. If you are writing or supplying your own copy (content for the website) then I'll often make suggestions and/or minor tweaks to make it 'web friendly' but this will be part of the project cost that I quote you. However, if you prefer, I can put you in touch with a copywriter but obviously their fees would be on top of mine. Will you be supplying your own images/photos? If not, acquiring stock images or commissioning original photography or illustrations will be something else you will need to budget for. As mentioned throughout this website and stated in my terms and conditions, my fee does not include for web hosting or domain registration. I currently do not provide these services and thus will be an additional cost. These costs are dependent on the provider & I do not charge extra if you would like me to set this up on your behalf.

There are plenty of web designers out there who will do this and take on this type of work but not I. I like to communicate with my clients and think through the "end user's" journey through the website, exploring the best way to approach your requirements as well as the most effective way to layout the content of the website.

You need to understand that your website content is super important and you must be willing to put the effort into creating your content strategy. If you are going to spend money on a website I want to make sure that the website displays your message to your audience in the best way possible and not just look great. To get the best result a designer/developer needs to invest in the appropriate amount of time. I refuse to cut corners, to do so would be detrimental to the website in relation to search engine optimisation. I will always advise you of realistic timescales.

Again, it depends (yes, I say that a lot!). The same with pricing a website, there are many factors to consider when working out a time-scale. Once we agree a schedule I will do my utmost to stick to it. Sometimes things happen beyond anyone's control that can have an impact on the time-scale. This is one of the reasons I like to be communicative with my clients, so we can minimise these impacts, if they do occur.

I'll advise on production timescales and can give you a workflow schedule (typically for larger projects) but sticking to these is a two way street. I often find myself waiting for clients to do something like, approve copy or layout/protoypes, get photographs/images etc. Content (images, text) not being supplied on time is the most common cause for delays. Having the website content for each page ready before development of the website begins can really help to keep up with the project schedule.

The time-scale for your project is determined by the size and complexity of your website (a simple brochure website is much easier and quicker to create) and my availability. I will always confirm my availability with you when you first contact me and I will keep you updated as to progress throughout the website production.

If there is a required deadline to tie in with an exhibition or product launch or something else, then please mention this at the start of the project and I will endeavour to meet it. Remember though, it takes time to plan and build a website, not to only look good and work optimally on everything from a computer to an i-Phone but also to meet accessibility legislation and perform well in search engines. The more notice you can give before a deadline the better.

Yes. Regular maintenance is what keeps a website in ship shape condition and performing well in search engines. It can be done as regularly as you like: weekly, monthly, handful of times a year or never! Regularly updated content keeps the search engines happy by providing them with new content to find and gives customers/visitors a reason to return.

If you don't have the time to update the website yourself, let me give it all the attention it needs and deserves. You can choose between several options of support and maintenance contracts I offer or you can simply opt to make changes as and when you need to.

This option is available, but I stress it is entirely optional.

A custom made website built to your specification and requirements. Minternet Web Design does not use any ready-made templates, meaning your website will be more search engine friendly and truly unique.

You'll receive a high quality website that is affordable & exceptional value for money, where you will have control over every aspect of the design and functionality. It will be your greatest marketing tool, helping you to promote yourself or your business, generate leads and increase sales.

You will also receive my support during and after the website build and hopefully enjoy working alongside someone who is passionate about your website, will be communicative with you and wants to help you establish an effective online presence that will help your business grow.

All projects I undertake require a 50% deposit at the start. The remainder of the balance can be made at any point afterwards but will be due on completion of the website but before the website is publicly launched.

Depending on the size and timescale or deadlines of the project there may be staged invoices sent out. These could be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or by specified milestones in the project. This will be explained and set out with the quote within the design specification sent out in the early stages of the project. Have a look at 'The Quote' section in the Minternet Web Design Process for more information.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or BACS transfer.

Of course. You are free to use any web hosting provider of your choosing. Once your website has been completed, simply provide me with your web hosting ftp details and I will upload your website for you.

I currently do not provide web hosting services, so you have to get your own web hosts anyway, although I am more than happy to advise and recommend providers to you if you are unsure. I can even take care of registering your domain and setting up your web hosting account for you at no extra charge. The only costs will be that of the service providers.

Yes, definitely and this is hugely beneficial. Branding immediately identifies you to your customers. Simply let me know your colour palette and fonts and send me any files containing your logo and any other graphics and I will incorporate them into the website.

If you don' have a logo, I can put you in touch with a good logo designer!

It is extememly useful if you can provide text and images to me in electronic format, plus it is quicker for them to get to me and insert them into the website. Ideally, images should be in their native format and size (.jpg, .png or .svg usually). Photos straight from the digital camera are best if possible. Text should be in any text editor format, either in Microsoft Word or a simple .txt file. Under no circumstances will I accept images inside a word document. Trust me, some people still do this!

Not at Minternet Web Design but you may find that some designers and design firms do have hidden costs. I'll discuss your website requirements and the options available to you at the start of the project so I can quickly establish what your project will involve. That way I can price the project accurately for the features and functionality you want and need. Once the quote has been submitted along with the Design Specification/Brief and you have agreed to it, that price is strictly adhered to for the works stated in the specification.

After the initial declaration of interest from you on working with me, I like to have a chat and get to know what you are looking for in your website and why. I'll get you a quote and a proposal document - a design specification. Once you have paid the deposit, I will then start to work on ideas and come up with a wireframe/mock-up while you get the content ready. With your approval I will then develop the website.

This is just a brief overview of my design process, you can check out a more detailed overview of how I work at my design process page.

To start with I need as much information as possible about your business and what you want to achieve with the website. I don't want or need to know any private information like financial stuff, but I do need to know about your target audience, what you want to tell them and what you want them to do when they visit the website. I also need to you to sign off and approve the Design Specification document (which I will send to you with my fee quote) prior to commencing any work. This document will cover they key features of the website and other aspects such as number of pages, structure etc.

This is what we call "pig latin" and it is used by designers in lieu of actual copy. Unfortunately it is not nearly as useful as real copy when it comes to prioritising and sorting out the hierarchy of what you want to tell your visitors. Your website is a story about you/your business and I am of the belief that your words and conveying their meaning are of greater importance in the design process that most people realise. It can make choosing the right fonts rather difficult if you don't know what the words and characters truly are.

This is a difficult one to answer, again it depends, on a number of factors. I usually say between 3 to 5 years on average. Not because the design necessarily becomes outdated, more often it tends to be because of re-branding or the business has substantially changed.

A good design can be timeless but user attitudes and trends change, technology advances and so on. There are things that didn't exist even 5 years ago (the i-Pad was introduced in 2010). A decade ago we didn't even have internet on our mobile phones.

A good portion of the websites that I redesign involves not so much the look of the website but rather updating the technology, what's "under the bonnet" usually to enhance or fix errors in existing functionality or adding completely new features.

Everything changes through time, my portfolio website is frequently changing as I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my skills.

Currently, I do not offer any web hosting services. However, I am more than happy to advise and can recommend web hosting providers to you. You are more than welcome to set this up by yourself or if you prefer, I can get this set up for you with an agreed provider, should you have a preference of web hosting provider. Domain registration is usually done through your web hosting provider but it can be done through a separate domain registrar if you wish (but this usually will cost a little more).

These are just a sample of the most common questions that I am asked by both prospective and existing clients and by no means is this an exhaustive list. If you have any questions that are not answered here or would like me to elaborate on a question above or if you want to ask about your website project, then give me a call or send me an email. My contact details are at both the top and bottom of each page within this website.

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