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clemas music, jazz couple musicians

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This is a website I did for a lovely couple of Jazz/Soul musicians last year.

The site had to have ease of navigation (though all Minternet Web Design websites do) and be clean & soft, not cluttered or loud akin to some music websites. The website also had to have a 'traditional' feel, with no darish colours; more of a subdued atmosphere to it. They wanted somewhere online to bring together their videos from their YouTube channel and soundbites from their SoundCloud account. They also wanted the opportunity for people/venues to be able to get in touch with them through a contact form or page of some sorts.

The site also had to display some of their testimonials and links to fellow musicians and venues that they frequently play, thus becoming a sort of hub for the local jazz scene. I was also asked to put in a slideshow or some other nice feature on the homepage.

We have also talked about further plans for the site, such as selling their CDs from the website, as at the moment this is done via the contact form.

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Hilda & James Clemas


Mike Munro

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Website Design, On-page SEO, Monthly Updates

live date:

January 2014

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