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There are approximately 30 trillion indexed webpages online in today's market (source; Google). By not having a website it is simply placing you at a disadvantage straight away. Whether you are a small to medium business owner or a start up with a more limited budget and looking for a professional web presence then Minternet Web Design can help you develop a web design and an online presence to suit your needs. It will be functional, aesthetically pleasing and promote your company/business or product in the correct light.

Being a design & technology enthusiast, I love creating unique websites that stand out. Even if your budget is smaller than that of larger, corporate companies it shouldn't mean you get a website that looks dated or cheap (as is often the case with some other web designers & companies) and/or a website that looks the same as hundreds of other websites out there.

At Minternet Web Design, I aim to deliver complete website solutions, from the initial concept design to complete web development and ensuring top ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. No matter how small or big your business, I can offer you a solution to suit your needs. Unlike some other web designers in the UK that offer cheap solutions, I believe in providing businesses with high quality, bespoke web design services with affordable prices, value for money, excellent services and a full range of ongoing support.

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website design

clean coding

Coding is the fundamental building block of any website. The code behind the presentation determines what your site will look like when it displays on the users screen, how it operates and reacts to user behaviours, how it links to other pages and websites and how the search engines find and prioritise your website. It is essential that the time and effort is invested to make sure the website is properly coded. By coding to W3C standards, search engines will find your website easier, bugs can be prevented or at least detected sooner and your website will display properly across all browsers.

In addition to adherence of the W3C standards, all Minternet Web Design websites are RNIB/Equality Act compliant, meaning that there will not be any links that are not accessible by the likes of screen readers or audible devices and I do not use colour contrasting or formatting thay make the website inaccessible to partially sighted or colour blind users.

website replenishment/redesign

Over time priorities change and you will likely want to update your website at some point. Website replenishment or a re-design is just as much a core service here at Minternet Web Design as a brand new build website. As your business grows so too can your website. An out of date website can be harmful not just with the search engines but also how your business is perceived by potential customers. It lacks professionalism and gives the impression of laziness and that the website is unimportant to you and the company. If you can't be bothered to keep your website current, why should people be bothered to purchase from you? Changing or adding features and/or functionality is seamless. Whatever you need to develop your website Minternet Web Design is here to help & assist you.

When considering whether your website is due an update, try asking yourself some of the following questions;

You should also keep in mind;

user attitudes change

trends & techniques change

keep your website updated

You should update your website about every 4 to 5 years. Although good design is timeless, business needs and priorities change and most businesses have a great deal of change within this timespan. It is vitally important to keep your website up to date.

The web is a very fast changing environment and it is important that your website remains up to date with current trends & techniques and user habits. Minternet Web Design can bring your website back to life using new layouts and/or technologies making your website look at its best again. It may be that all you need is the uploading of new images or adding new content to your website or even adding new pages to keep up with the growth of the business. Minternet Web Design can assist with all of these. This is not a subscription based or continuing payment, you only pay for the work you need done and when you need to make these changes.

Is your website responsive? It is estimated that less than 1% (just over 1 million) of all websites are using responsive design techniques, which is abysmal! If your website is more than 2 to 3 years old then it's probably not responsive. To keep completely up to date with technology and techniques and remain accessible to ALL users, you should seriously consider making the relevant upgrade to your website. Plus, with such a low number of websites adopting responsive web design techniques, it's highly likely you will get one up on your competitors simply by having a responsive website. Don't get left behind and give me a call today and we can talk about the best solutions available to you.

Minternet Web Design is committed to helping you to create a professional website whether it is for business or personal purposes. Together with you, I will develop the best possible solution to fit your requirements and budget.


design brief

design brief

If you don't have a full brief for your website project ready yet, you can engage with Minternet Web Design as a consultant to help you formulate a comprehensive design specification brief. I can analyse your requirements and help detail exactly the functionality to be included in your website. You will then be free to choose to have Minternet Web Design create your website (I would give you a quote for this once the brief has been finalised) or you can take the brief to another web designer developer if you wish.

This service is charged at my hourly rate.


website review

Is your website receiving enough visitors or enquiries? Does it encourage your visitors to turn into customers? Even if it looks fantastic is your website meeting your objectives?

I can review your website and provide a plan of action with ready and easy to implement changes for you, or your developer, to start implementing or by using Minternet Web Design's own services. I will provide a quote along with the every report. You can benefit from straightforward, impartial advice, feedback and ideas.

I will dedicate time to digging through your website, identifying errors and analysing content so that I can provide you with an in-depth analysis into critical areas of your website.

Once I have thoroughly analysed your website, I'll report back to you with a report and plan of action that will include: Search Engines ranking, keyword research, how to increase SEO, design style, technical report- assessing your website's code and structure with recommendations on how to improve this and fix any errors, usability and user experience (ux), functionality, content and copy write review, additional features that could improve your site.

Just simply get in touch with me, contact details are at the top and bottom of each page throughout this website or you can fill out the contact form. I will send out an invoice and a small questionnaire for you to fill in with a few details to allow me to understand exactly what your aims are for your website. I aim to get this plan to you within a few weeks of you returning the questionnaire.



Web hosting is often made out to sound a complex and expensive process, nearly always by companies or developers wanting to charge you for their "specialist" advice and services. To be fair, some of them do actually provide a good service for this but often it is overpriced (and often not as involved as they claim it to be). The truth is, web hosting is critical to get right as it is an essential part of your web presence but it's a relatively straightforward process.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right web hosting provider. Whilst it is vital that your pages load quickly and your website is always visible, less obvious considerations are server capacity, security and the regularity + storage of back ups of your website, especially if it is a database backed site.

I currently do not provide web hosting myself but I can offer advice that is plain and simple to understand as well as recommend a web host provider for you. I can also assist or act on your behalf in dealing with your web hosting issues or you can choose to do this completely by yourself. In addition to advising in hosting services, I can help with the registration of your domain name or transferring any existing domains.

*Please note, that any costs relating to hosting and domains are additional to my fees and are solely that of the web hosting provider, which will be clearly stated in my quotes to you. My advice/services regarding your hosting and domain is included in my quote.

facebook surgery

web design facebook surgery

Everybody needs help with their website at some point. Issues and errors come from nowhere and it is sometimes really hard to know why and where they came from. It can be costly to hire someone to debug and resolve your website issues, which can be frustrating for simple, menial tasks that are not so obvious to people less savvy with web design coding and experience.

I hold a small surgery, like a Q&A session, on the Minternet Web Design Facebook page. At a specified time for an hour each week, I will try to resolve any web design problems or general IT issues that anyone wants to bring to me. For free!

If you feel like you could use some friendly advice then join the discussion on the Minternet Web Design Facebook page. Keep checking back for dates and times.

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ongoing services

If you later find that you have outgrown your website and/or you want to add more features, pages or enhance existing features then I can implement these for you when you need it.
In most cases, extra support will be chargeable. Please refer to the T&C's for more information.
It is worth keeping in mind that older versions of Internet Explorer (known as Legacy browsers) are incapable of displaying modern designs properly, or at all. If something isn't displaying correctly in an old version of Internet Explorer then there may not be much that can be done. Even Microsoft have stopped support for old versions of Internet Explorer even though there are still some users of that version. Don't worry though, should you find yourself in this situation I can suggest alternatives.

I am always happy to talk over any issues you have and that may arise during or after your website project. Contact me today and we can talk through your needs totally free of charge and with no obligation.

*It is worth noting that older versions of Internet Explorer are incapable of displaying modern web designs correctly (or at all). Microsoft don't even offer support for these incompatible browsers now. Don't worry if you find yourself in this situation as I can offer some fallbacks, but my best advice is to use an alternative browser!
**In most cases, support will be free, but this is dependant on the intensity of the support required. Of course, I will be happy to talk over any issues that arise during or after your project.

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